Physical Education Class with Mr. Pecor and Mr. Wilkes Hopefully this lesson plan finds everyone healthy and safe!! This lesson is a toss and catch challenge. All you will need is a ball (like a tennis ball), or a stuffed animal, or even 2 socks stuffed together would work. You can do this outside or inside. If you decide to do it inside just make sure you have enough space to be able to throw and catch. For the sake of the challenge I’m going to pretend that you are using a ball. Challenge time: Practice each challenge for 30 seconds. Then challenge yourself for 1 minute! How many catches can you do in a minute. 1. Throw the ball up with one hand and catch the ball with 2 hands. 2. Throw the ball up with 1 hand and catch the ball with one hand 3. Throw the ball up and clap then catch the ball 4. Throw the ball up and clap twice 5. Throw the ball up and see how many claps you can do 6. Throw the ball up and touch your knees then catch 7. Throw the ball up and touch you

5 good movement activities

Physical Education with Mr. Pecor  Activity 1:  4 Corners Materials: Just music and an open space with 4 corners. If the music is on the student(s) will be in the middle of the room.  When they’re in the middle of the room they must be moving. They can be dancing, running in place, jumping jacks, etc.   If the music stops then they must run to a corner. When the music goes back on they go back to the middle. The next time the music stops they must skip to a different corner.  Music stops again then they gallop to a different corner. The 4th time they must stay on their toes. The 5th time then must stay on their heels. The 6th time they have to frog jump to a corner.  The 7th time they have to kangaroo jump to a corner. The 8th time they have to crab walk to a corner. The 9th time they have to slither to a corner. The 10th and last time they have to move backwards to a corner.    Activity 2:  Hide and go seek   Materials: Music and a timer Everything is better with


Student's work together to get from one side of the PE room to the other working collectively in small groups.